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About ME & MY BLOG

The name int-review comes from my early days starting out in the tech field, which heavily involved a lot of code reviewing and testing. One of the most basic data types in any simple code is ‘int’, which stands for integer. So I used the little bits of creativity I possess and just like that, int-review was born.

Through my previous jobs in the tech industry, various jargon has seeped into my everyday vocabulary. I felt that this knowledge could be passed on to others somehow, as I would have found it useful starting out to have a basic understanding of certain terminology when I started out. So I thought I would start this blog as a long-term project of mine that I hope to hone, build, and improve constantly. You will get to see a lot of marketing technology news and updates here, along with discussions about the business world in general.


What You’ll Find Here


Planning and design is incorporated in just about any element of business, marketing and technology. Not only do you want something that reads well, but you want something that looks the part too – particularly when it comes to building your brand and selling yourself. Take a look at my tips on how to organise your business plans and any design elements to bear in mind.


From conception to delivery, it’s important you can handle all aspects of a development or marketing project. Project management is a skill you need for any type of business environment, no matter what level you are at. I slowly learnt to work with fellow colleagues, superiors, and finally, how to handle an entire team – and I quickly realised how essential it is.

development AND TESTING

Development and Testing is essential for all operations in these sectors. Whether it’s testing a marketing strategy, a new piece of software or trying something new in your business, the development and testing stages are essential to iron out any mistakes and check what you are planning is going to benefit the problem you are trying to solve.



There are so many young entrepreneurs today who are on the verge of building the next big thing in tech. It has been my dream for quite some time to seek them out and learn from them, and maybe pair up with them to teach others how to build some wonderful stuff that will have an impact on our world today. If you have any great ideas that you wish to share, I’m all ears! Hit the button below and let us discuss the endless possibilities that tech brings us.