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How AI Can Affect Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

If you have a business and you are planning various digital marketing campaigns to generate potential customers and build on your revenue, then you may have heard how AI can affect your digital marketing campaigns if used correctly.

Artificial intelligence technology will help you gain insight into customer behaviour through machine learning and analysing data.

Collecting that customer data through these AI tools will help you plan out your digital marketing strategy to help you reach your target audience and save time so you are not wasting it on areas like email marketing if it does not work.

What Are The Benefits of Using Artificial Intelligence For Your Digital Marketing Campaigns?

With AI in digital marketing now being used across the board, businesses are seeing the benefits of what this can do for them and how they can utilize that for a positive and progressive output to add to the customer experience.

Some of these benefits for digital marketers are –

  • Increases customer loyalty and engagement, bringing them back time and time again.
  • Creates personalised content after identifying target audiences.
  • Handles tedious tasks that can be disrupted by human error.
  • Creates optimised campaigns for a better return on investment (ROI).

What Will This Mean For You And Your Campaigns?

As you can see, by combining human intelligence as well as AI and machine learning algorithms, digital marketing artificial intelligence practices can help decide the most appropriate marketing strategy and create a digital marketing campaign that will help a business make its mark and potentially gain traction.

How are AI tools Impacting Your Digital Marketing Efforts?

Down below we will list the effect that Artificial intelligence technology is having on digital marketing campaigns and how it is making the process easier for customers and businesses.

Dynamic Pricing

Through pricing algorithms, businesses can see what is happening with prices and how they can price their products/services.

Being flexible with pricing can help out many people and support customers depending on what their needs are and how they have changed.

Deciding Product Prices

Using machine learning technology, businesses are able to influence product prices so they can keep generating products without alienating their customer base.

They can see what prices are needed at the time and adjust as much as they can for this. AI will gather customer data and find ways to make this work.

Personalised Marketing Campaigns

Digital marketing AI can help with creating marketing strategies that are personalised so that the right audience is being targeted and they feel a connection to the campaign.

It is important that nowadays personalisation is being used for digital marketing, as people are used to seeing things that appeal to them. Being too general now will not get clicks.

In a quick turnaround time, AI machines are able to conduct customer segmentation and analysis so they can group customers together and see what they like, dislike, and what is trending for them at the time.

Easier Data Collection

This makes data collection easier so that any content marketing campaigns or email marketing campaigns are done with customer experience in mind. It is like advanced profiling for new marketing conditions.

This is great for niche marketing campaigns that only have a small audience, as they will be able to interact with these people more, meaning that they will have the highest probability of customer engagement and success.

Predictive Marketing

Since AI has now grown more and various marketing channels are using it, it has increased predictive marketing so that digital marketers can determine what marketing strategy would be best for their specific campaign and how that can be used to create ultra-personal experiences.

It may not be something that is entirely new, as before AI tools were used businesses could see which marketing efforts were best by focusing on previous interactions and what came from them. It is, however, made it become a lot more manageable.


When businesses needed to gather data, they use data extraction and analysis methods which could take months to complete, but with AI, they now take minutes as AI enables them to go a lot faster by dealing with it all from start to finish at quicker speeds through automated processes.

What is The Result?

Because of new customer insights, businesses are able to see an increase in revenue, plus better leads, and they are able to make sure that their marketing budget goes exactly where it needs to without the worry that funds are being wasted.

AI Chatbots

Chatbots used to be seen as quite annoying online, they used to only have a certain way of speaking and if you wanted something specific, you more than likely had to wait to be transferred to a human operator so you could get what you came for.

Luckily, with advanced AI intelligence, chatbots have become easier to talk to and they are able to offer actual help that can lead to a result so that the customer experience is a positive one when they require help.

Great For Mainly Website Based Businesses

If you are a business that relies on your website to make sales, having a chatbot that works efficiently will be great.

When planning your digital marketing campaigns, you need to make sure that when you drive these customers to your site, they are being provided with top-of-the-range assistance that will make them want to come back again.

There are many types of chatbots available, so go through them carefully and see which one would be the best fit for your site. It may take some time, but you need to pick out one that suits you down to the ground.

Social Listening Tools

If you haven’t heard of these before, then hopefully, this will shed light on how important they can be toward your digital marketing strategy.

These types of tools can help you with finding out what people are saying about your business and how you are being portrayed online.

You can see how people are responding to your brand as well as how well your industry is doing.

With this information at your disposal, you can create campaigns that focus on particular products and services and make new ones from this feedback as well.

You can also build brand loyalty with this as well which will help you out in the long run when you are trying to attract new customers to your business.


It is clear to see that implementing Artificial intelligence into your digital marketing campaign is a good decision to make.

It can offer a whole host of support and give you a better chance at bringing on more customers and extending your reach so that your target audience is always informed.

If you are still skeptical about AI, then you may want to ask other businesses who have used it before to see what they say and how it worked for them. It is plain to see that artificial intelligence technology is not going anywhere and digital marketing certainly needs it nowadays.