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Welcome to Int-Review!

When technology was in its infancy, nobody would have thought of the wonders it is now capable of. Many areas have been greatly transformed with the help of advanced technology; here we shall explore that and more!

Technology has done so much to help improve and change the face of businesses and marketing strategies, allowing them to grow on a global scale when done successfully. My passion lies in seeing these projects thrive from the basic foundations to a successful end goal.

Daniel Collins
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Companies are constantly changing the way they do business. From using physical logbooks, account books, and data sheets, to utilizing ERPs and other advanced software, businesses have come a long way. Exploring the technological aspects of business is what I am interested in, and that is what I will be sharing more of in this section. Apart from that, there will be plenty of information about business management in general — how to succeed as an entrepreneur; how to handle teams and projects; how to meet client deadlines; and much more. Let us make the best of the digital revolution and accelerate growth in all aspects of our lives.

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The driving force behind the industrial world. We live in a world that is becoming more and more dependent on technology, so it becomes very important to be aware of the latest news and updates in this field. Drawing from various useful resources, I aim to make this blog a collection of technological articles for the everyday reader as well as the more tech-focused developer/tester/engineer. How can companies utilize their existing technology and integrate it with better systems for increased data accuracy? What are the ethical boundaries when using consumer data? How can I actually stay safe online? This section will surely get you thinking!

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Traditional marketing techniques of old would involve brochure distribution, billboards on highways, and TV ads. While these were effective no doubt (and still are), today’s marketing scenario has taken a slight deviation from these techniques. It has moved either partially or fully to the Internet space. Digital marketing techniques are on the rise now, and there are new innovations in the MarTech (Marketing+Technology) space every day. Data analytics have enabled marketers to focus their strategies on their core consumers, which has helped accelerate the marketing process and provide better results. We will be journeying between traditional as well as new-age marketing, exploring the nuances and influences of technology on the marketing space.

About me


A developer-turned-marketer, I work in both spaces to help design SEO and marketing friendly websites across many platforms. I have previously worked on full stack projects for my clients, where the entire website’s development and maintenance was on me. Adept at the basics of web development — JavaScript, CSS, HTML, of course, I’ve got something for everyone. Always looking to explore new technologies and programming languages. While IT was the education I pursued, marketing was more of a side interest which has now turned into a profession.



As I have suggested, I wanted to create a space that will allow anyone, experienced or not, to understand the world of business and how technology has changed the face of business operations, as well as marketing strategies. Finding good, reliable content is pretty important when you’re trying to learn something new – so look no further!


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